Here begins the common dilemma. How the hell should I store my miniatures? One of the largest reasons of wanting to collect and craft miniature figures is seeing incredible photos of peoples homes with decades worth of miniatures in incredible vast game rooms. That is the dream! In these pictures i’ve seen people use makeshift bookshelves, wine racks, wall mount systems, tackle boxes and so much more to store their miniatures. However I do not have that kind of space.

Although my collection is modest approximately 348 (yes i counted) miniatures as of June 30, 2020 . It will easily get out of hand quickly as I print more and more miniatures. The question is how do I store them? What is a great out of the way method to store that wont damage my minis and protect against a growing baby into a toddler that will discover everything?

In the 2018/2019 years before my long hiatus from the craft my husband and I began working on a miniature storage system which would help to hold all of our miniatures. I’ll get into that later but in the meantime lets look at my current miniature statistics to look back on in the future.

Miniature type# Ownprimedpaint in processpaintedTotal
FDM Printed73571398
SLA Printed343111
Misc unclassified market minis272754
Total: 348

Of the above my far my most common miniature stash at the moment is the Reaper bones collection of which i bought a massive box of the bones 2 in 2014. Overall my “painted” and completed collection is small with 20 total and only a 5.7% complete miniature collection. I do however have a 24.4% paint in progress or needed to be re-based miniature collection for future storage.

Time to set some goals:

Monthly Goals

  1. Paint 3 miniatures a month, at least 1 must be reaper miniatures.
  2. Base and/or finish 10 miniatures a month

This alone should almost double my completed collection in just over a month.

This is without a doubt a challenge i’ll always be having but i’m sure going to try to fight the “pile of shame”.

June 2020

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