This was the week of “Lets do all the projects.” Planning a ton of different things with way too many half written posts than I want to admit. I have been learning and growing seeing how much the 3d community has changed in the year I took off or so. I have been doing a deep dive into 3d printer calibration and fine tuning. In many ways it has made me feel like “how the hell have I been printing for all these years?” Overall it has been super interesting to read all the different perspectives on how to print, how to calibration, what order you should calibrate etc etc etc.

Moral of the Story. Much like and hobby, there are many ways to accomplish your goals.

I event printed for awhile in a 0.15 mm nozzle. I worked on calibration for that for a bit but decided that I wanted to finish my dragonlock project at a 0.4mm nozzle and the castle before I deep dive. Giving myself plenty of projects to paint while the printer is slow going and I can truly focus on mastery for the Perfect Mini.

Projects in Action

3d printed:

  • Benchy with a 0.15mm nozzle
  • Calibration cubes different nozzle diameters
  • My first extruder multiplier cube. note vase printing mode is super cool and I should investigate further.


I’ve been watching a ton of videos on wood painting effects and am attempting to try a few. So far I’m not a big fan, or I really need to work on my technique. Hoping to do a few more and then posting about it.
I’ve also been attempting to hunt down some more variety in my paint for more layering. Some of the things i want to paint i’ll have to do hundreds of times which is why i’m not mixing paints.


Oh my husband wanted to have a Battle of the Monsters and we went 1 on 1 with hand drafted monsters for an epic battle with some of my dungeon tiles spontaneously this week. It might be a trend.

Lots and Lots of organization. I’ve been attempting to create specific pages to sort some of my posts long term for easy to navigate information.

I’ve been trying to keep a database of all my paints so I can post the colors more easily on painting posts with a better visual of their tone and also so I have a directory of what I know I have for when I got to the store. I am also compiling a directory of all the paint charts of the various brands so if i’m hunting for a particular tone I can try to know what i’m looking for before I buy it.

I even braved Covid to go to Lowes! In an attempt to help reduce vibration on my prints I went to get a paving stone. TLDR: It didn’t help much.

Due to Calibration and tweaking. I have not worked on the Dragonlock Miniature project.

Well this week is a Wrap. I feel of moderate success but it is exciting to have my husband enjoying the things i’ve made and making it incredibly encouraging to keep working.

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