Time for some self-reflection.

Starting this blog and project of documentation I have become so excited and passionate to start SO many projects. It is honestly super thrilling to have so many ideas bouncing around my head. Even the little bit i’ve shared of this blog has seen so much more support than I ever imagined. I hope this to one day be a place which will spring board creativity, research and knowledge to all the incredible resources that are out there for tabletop gaming.

However, This week alone I feel like a person at Thanksgiving Dinner seeing all the food, filling my plate and once I sit down go… “OH SHIT, I can’t eat it all”. Trying to pause and think, “What should I accomplish and really tackle first?”

I have ideas of becoming more than just a blog where posts get lost as more and more gets written. I strategize of standard pages such as “Terrain, Miniatures, Calibration, Troublshooting etc” which will be a go to location for each thing linking to blog posts which go deeper into the topic. I hope to eventually have a page for individual monster types with a Lore spotlight, printing and painting history of every different version of that monster I have ever done. For example there are so many creators and incredible sculptors who have done different variations of the Goblin. Wouldn’t be be great to see what is out there, what is free, where to get it?

I want to start dialogues about the rising tensions of FDM vs SLA for miniature figures. The frustrations of an analytical mind and the rising “Scale creep” of miniatures for easier printing.

I want to build and flesh out battlemaps of published campaigns for DMs to have an exact print list of what is required making it easy for planning and assembly. I want to have conversations about “Should you build a whole battle map?” “When is it important?” “Whole walls vs Half Walls?” etc etc etc.

My mind is racing with the possibilities.

I hope that people will critique me as I try to improve my painting techniques and be a testament to the journey of improvement.

I need to be patient, keep plugging along and flesh this out. I hope to help others grow too. More importantly I hope to make friends.

For the community that is out there. Do not hesitate to make a request or comment!

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