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Man this has been an absolutely crazy week! Beyond being absolutely emotionally exhausted, thinking I was about to move 800 miles to abruptly learning that a move isn’t required. Thank goodness my hobby time is such a relaxing and stress relieving activity for me. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere and my printers are humming again!

Overall I’ve recently been struggling to find a balance with everything I want to do for the site along with documenting all my past, present, and future projects. How can I harmonize it all? What should I work in first? I’m almost too inspired and frustrated I cannot do it all. I legitimately rolled a dice today on what I was going to do to help pick an idea.

I’ve decided that my largest priority is to catch up on data gathered for my 3 active projects: Hold My Dwarf, Fantasy Props, and Monstrous Encounters. Fantasy props currently has the highest priority as I am attempting to get all the write ups completed. The largest hurdle for me is coming up with a system for my data collection that is easily read, manipulated and capable to look at months after printing. Due to this hurdle I’ve decided that I am no longer allowed to print in the current week without making sure all notes are updated and written for the last week. This is definitely going to slow down painting until I catch up on notes. 

As for painting I’ve been moving slow as my stamina is not where I desire it per paint session along with a lack of confidence of how I should paint each thing. I am finding myself crippled with being overwhelmed of all the possibility but not enough muscle memory. Slowly but surely it will get better.

As for the blog itself, I really thing this is going to become something really special. I am definitely a major overachiever so attempting to not make a wall of text and something easier to read for someone at a glance is important. This is going to be something that I’ll need to improve on but will be largely dependent on the community and comments. So for the time being I’m going to continue to just build content. 

It’s been a productive week and I’m really enjoying myself. This site along with my daily Instagram hobby streak is really motivating. 

Below are pictures of things that I’ve done in the last week. 

Printing Updates

This week was a bit slow on printing but I got a few things in. I have been printing a fun surprise building (shown on the left) from a recent Cast N’ Play Kickstarter. Still going to let it grow before I show it off. This thing is gigantic and is probably the largest building i’ve ever printed.

In the center you will see that I’ve been working on printing a bunch of tiny bits and pieces from the Fantasy Props kickstarter. These are labeled “isolated props” and allow you to create all sorts of things in the future. I am hoping to grow my collection of bits for my table.

On the Right is my last major file for the Fantasy Props kickstarter the tree. I still need to print the canopy but i’m getting close. Probably one of the tallest things i’ve printed on my Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K thus far.

Painting Update

Did not get to paint much but got some priming in for siege equipment (shown on left). There is a catapult and a battering ram to be painted!

I also spent a few nights painting and finishing my 2021 Benchmark Model. This model is one I will use to see my personal growth for the year. It contains several areas I hope to grow for the year. I’m going to make a post about it this week, stay tuned.

Blog Update

Just because I can’t help it. I got a shiny new battlemap! I am so excited as it will bring my prints alive such as this in progress castle from Printable Scenery.

This week I did not get a whole lot done for the site but a LOT of data work on the back end. New posts include a print log for Fantasy Prop’s Treasure.

I also took the time to do an extensive write up on Where can I find 3D models for printing in the tabletop space. Check them out!

Hoping to get a lot more writing done this week.

And of course don’t hesitate with questions, ideas, or suggestions. Thanks for reading.


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