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Welcome to the state of the crazy where I discuss what I’ve completed, what is on the hobby desk and what is next in line. My hobby space is always in a stage of crazy and this is my opportunity to share my excitement, provide progress updates, and plans for the future in my miniature figure 3D printing and painting hobby to bring to my tabletop.


Picture of the Snotling Blood Bowl Team Assembly

Fun Fact: I’ve only assembled one miniature sprue kit previously. The year was 2014, I had no idea what I was doing and to this day not a single one of those models is still fully intact. Perhaps one day I will bring new life to them.    

This time I fully intend to assemble them right, using the correct tools and glue. I recieved this Snotling Blood Bowl team as a gift given for Christmas. I don’t even play bloodbowl but have been really playing with the idea of playing Dungeon Bowl also I realized I kinda have a weekness for goblins and this adorable sculpts.

Overall I am about 70% built and assembled but still have to take some time to sand and scrape mold lines before it gets put into the booth to be primed and painted. The pump wagon has taken the most amount of work but after finishing one I should be able to knock the rest out in a sitting.

Printing Updates

Starting a Brand New Printer

Brand New Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K

I have been struggling for quite some time now with my original resin printer due to a pretty significant z-wobble. This has resulted in a large quantity of print failures. Therefore using some holiday money and income from pre-support work I have purchased a brand new Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K. This is the same “exact” printer than what I already own, however Phrozen has apparently improved its printer. I am currently putting the printer through its paces to see if it lives up to that promise. Stay tuned for more information and direct comparisons on the printer of new vs old.

On a Quest …

One model I particularly have fallen in love with is an adventurers quest board from CastnPlay’s December model release “Adventurers Guild”. 

As one of my very first prints on the new printer I am exceptionally happy with it and have so many plans. But in order to pick up quests you have to have adventurers so I decided to also print all the miniature figures that accompany this set as well.

Adventuring Board Castnplay

Painting Update

New Toys?

One of the largest tools of the hobby that I have been both dreaming of as well as fighting against was the addition of an airbrush to my arsenal. Hearing that it was something I really wanted to own and learn, my family decided to help me flesh out this dream and make it a reality. So I now have a new tool which requires learning as well as setup. So in my extra careful way I have officially setup an airbrush booth and ventilation for it as well. I am trying to figure out a plan on how to best learn how to use this well and effectively.

Fully expect things to be painted much faster, especially buildings!

Have I improved painting in a year?

Last January I painted a benchmark model of a dwarf from the Hold My Dwarf Kickstarter. The goal was to paint the best I could and paint the model again in January 2022 and see if I noticeably improved in a year. I have finished the model and even posted in a few places online to see if others could spot a difference. I am gathering their responses and doing a write up for it now. I definitely feel like I have improved but wish it could be even better. Can you guess which one is wich?

What is in the Queue?


Painting I definitely plan to paint my benchmark for 2022 which some might call a “giant” of a project. It is still getting cleaned up and cured but will be primed and start on painting soon. 

I am also planning to paint the quest board and perhaps try something new…. 

And of course those snotlings are going to see some love. This will definitely keep me busy and since I don’t get a whole lot of time to paint probably bring me into February.


I do not yet know what I am planning to print next as I am focusing on catching up in my writing and painting. Other than some presupport work and really pushing my new printer to its limit I am most likely going to just calibrate the printer like a crazy person in anticipation of a new resin printing tutorial series I’m working on. If you have specific questions about 3D printing now is the time to ask!


I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of the behind the scenes of what it means to truly be “The State of the Crazy”. Lets see what next week will bring.

As always happy hobby,
Carrie aka crazmadsci

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