Yes as we all know its time for that annual breakdown and preview of what is to come with our hobby goals. People have set New Years Resolutions and of course always end up broken and I am absolutely no different. For 2022 I set upon myself a list of lofty goals and have accomplished very few if you are curious on my track record check out my past write ups 2022 Hobby Goals & 2021 Hobby Goal Retrospective

“Yes I know what you are thinking, hobby goals, showcases these yearly posts are cliche and exhaustively overused.”

2022 Crazmadsci

But I inevitably find it incredibly useful in seeing my personal mentality from year to year. So bear with me as I gauge how my mentality and goals in the hobby have shifted.

What did I accomplish last year?

My universal motto and approach will be, “Improve my skill, output and performance over the previous year.” So I am planning on using last year as a benchmark of comparison so I can more definitely see how I match up. I’d argue that my performance is ehh comparable to the year before because so much of my free time shifted to actually playing games rather than just preparing for them.

Of my entire list of 2022 hobby goals I only succeeded in two hobby goals.

Success!: Paint more models than 2021
Success! Play two new tabletop games.

Group photo of my 2022 Painted models.

For the past year I have painted 42 models to 100% completion this is greater than the number in 2021 which was 26! Yes I know it still does not feel like enough but for me building a routine and navigating my perfectionism in models it is harder to accomplish. I do have easily do have easily double this number with only a few hours of paint time left. This list includes a Snotling Bloodbowl team (20), my 2021 benchmark model, my 2022 benchmark model and 2 units of hobgrots from the Kruelboyz army in Age of Sigmar (20 models).

I have spent a very long time assembling, gathering, priming, basing and painting a Kruelboyz army for Age of Sigmar in 2022 but tended to jump around quite a bit and didn’t finish as much as I would have hoped. As you can see a lot of progress has been made it just requires a bit of focus to knock it out.

As for playing two new tabletop games I actually count playing 3 games. The first two are Age of Sigmar which has been my primary go to game for the year, Gloomhaven online (which still counts in my book), and Dungeon Bowl.

Game of Dungeon Bowl in Progress

New Goals for 2023?

While I have a lofty list of goals for the upcoming year I have decided to boil it down to five “simple” items

  • Finish more projects than I start
  • Finish more models than I buy/print
  • Limit the amount I print for others and focus on my own hobby
  • Paint more models in 2023 than I did in 2022 (42 in 2022)
  • Focus on improving the skills of my painting

Some of these definitely sound easier said then done especially the reduce the backlog goal of painting more than I buy. With the new Cities of Sigmar book coming later this year I need to do a ton of painting to reduce the model count. But overall I think its more doable than past years while also tackling the backlog of projects.


What do you think? Do you set annual goals for yourself? How did you do last year, let me know in the comments below.

As Always Happy Hobby,

Carrie the Crazy Mad Scientist

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  1. hi!! lovegames aka pedro here idk if u remember from ESO. i actually came here from your twitter! i just wanted to say that you are super frickin cool and actually i based off one of my characters in my story off of “the crazy mad scientist, or craz for convenience”. so yea keep being an inspiration I guess!! and im @pedrospsyche on twitter and @pedrospsyche #6345 on discord!! looking forward to checking out more of your blog!!

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