Frost Giant Final Photo Black backdrop

2022 Benchmark Model: The First Attempt

For 2022's benchmark I have decided to paint the giant model from December 2021's CastnPlay release Adventurer's Guild. Using one of my goals for the year of trying to paint in different skin tones I decided to approach the model with a blue skin for Frost Giant and do something I've never done before, apply paint to a model that wasn't primer via a brand new tool in my arsenal.

3D Printing: Science or an Art Form or Just Plain Luck?

Many do not realize that 3D printing is a hobby much like miniature painting. It requires time, study, determination and most importantly practice. Not all hobbyists are at the same skill set. Not all printers or materials have the same capabilities. With a large variety of programs and settings how does one approach the hobby? Should it be approached with the scientific method of trial and error of slow changes? Or is there no real "right answer" and final product resulting from your individual personal taste or rather a production of art?

Cottage Kingdom of Thamarya Status Update

The Kingdom of Thamarya continues! This installment and building creation includes two version of the Cottage Building. This status update includes trying new things such as including foam in 3d printed terrain, magnetization of FDM prints, and including Spackle for improved finish. Read more to even see about the terrible mishap with prints melting in the Sun.