Frost Giant Final Photo Black backdrop

2022 Benchmark Model: The First Attempt

For 2022's benchmark I have decided to paint the giant model from December 2021's CastnPlay release Adventurer's Guild. Using one of my goals for the year of trying to paint in different skin tones I decided to approach the model with a blue skin for Frost Giant and do something I've never done before, apply paint to a model that wasn't primer via a brand new tool in my arsenal.

2021 Benchmark Model Showcase Featured Image

How To Gauge Growth in Miniature Painting

Last January 2021 I set out to test to see if I could see personal growth in my hobby. I painted a benchmark miniature figure so that I may judge my improvement over the course of one calendar year. This benchmark was at that time the very best I could do in painting a miniature. I set no time limit and poured myself into it. The primary goal was to test if I could see a before and after of how far I developed as a miniature painter.