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Assembly of the Cottage First Story is laughably easy. Since floor and walls printed as one piece you simply just stacked the pieces. There is very minimal assembly for resin pieces, shown below.

For my assembly however I did end up magnetizing these pieces due to an issue with warping and the sun… Check out the post processing status update for more information as to that. Magnetizing was not necessary but is a great addition for an extra strength while still allowing the building to have playable interiors.

Assembly In Progress

I do not have any in progress assembly pictures of this second of the building since for FDM printers the entire 1st story is printed in only two pieces. Simply placing the floor and wall on top of each other is all that was required. However some assembly is needed for resin which shows the part of assembly below.

For resin printers the floor will have to be glued together and walls each with only two pieces. Slice cuts of pieces for resin are shown below.

Resin & Filament Assembly Diagrams

Since filament printers can print larger pieces on the print bed, CastnPlay has merged several of the STL files to make overall printing and assembly easier. As a result the assembly of the building will be slightly different for FDM piece assembly vs Resin piece assembly.

The below images show part breakdown for resin based pieces. FDM pieces printed in one piece and are not display. For FDM part prints see Cottage First Story Print History.

File Replacement/ Translation Chart

If for some reason you would like to print the files in smaller pieces than on FDM, below is a translation chart which displays which pieces in the Resin file folders make up their FDM counterparts.

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