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Project Main: Lost Adventures Vol 1


The Royal Guards from Lost Adventures Co, I admit is not one of my favorite sets of models…. for playable miniatures. However these models I immediately imagine to be the perfect sculpts for statues in builds. Painting these to look like marble sculptures or various statues in a entry way of a castle, within the walls of a dungeon, and much much more.

While these models are easy to print and came off my build plate just fine, these figures remind me that not too long ago FDM filament printing was the predominate method of producing miniatures for tabletop gaming. These miniatures for the Royal Guards lack the dynamic posing and stances that have become so familiar to the hobbyist consumer like myself were not standard practice when this kickstarter was running August 2019. What is special about these royal guards however is the fact that they print absolutely supportless on FDM printers. NO additional supports are needed and you can simply load and print. This reason alone makes them a great purchase for printers and especially ones that are learning.

Print Data

Printer: Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
Resin: Elegoo ABS-Like Grey
Layer Height: 0.05 mm

Time to Print all components: 6 hr 22 min
Resin to Print: 49.2g *Group Print with Town Guards and Commoners Set 1
Estimated Cost to Print: $2.02 or $0.2 per miniature

Where to Find these Files

These files can be currently found on the Lost Adventures Co Website and are apart of the Lost Adventures Vol 1 Kickstarter.

Lost Adventures Co: Website
Lost Adventures Vol 1: Late Pledge All-In $80.00
Individual Purchase: Royal Guards: $8.99
Sculptor: Mathilde Perzik Calon (Vae Victis Miniatures)

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