These humanoid creatures have been written time and time again throughout history. Either from mythology, your fantasy book series or tabletop game. With such a wide variety of depictions and story telling it is easy to find a style you like. These Ogres give me many feelings towards towards an order D&D artistic style or of World of Warcraft . With big front tusks, bald heads and pointed ears these are for sure going to be unique on your table.

Ogre Miniature Print Data

Layer Height: 0.08
Filament: Hatchbox Silver
Printed On Prusa i3 MK3s
Print Profile: Cura 4.6 “Offical_FDG_Cura_ender3_and5miniatures_4mm” from The FatDragonGames website
Print Orientation: Flat on the printbed same as how models loaded into slicer.

File NamePrint TimeEstimated Material UsedMisc Notes
Ogre_01Rev3h50m8gBriding on the underside cloth is definitely harder than some of the other prints. Sculpted cracking on club makes it looks like something failed
Ogre_02Rev3h13m8.5gVibration issues are definitely visible with more obvious layer lines than others.
Ogre_03A_Rev*9h14m printed in group7g Right leg retraction issues. Major warping issues on base.
Ogre_03B_Rev50min1.5Spear printed wonderfully and one of the best weapon prints seen yet.
Ogre_04*printed in 3-5 group8gOne of the cleanest prints of the set. Some retraction issues on legs.
Ogre05_rev*printed in 3-5 group8gRetraction wisps left. The patch on the head always makes me feel like there is a printing error but it is a patch.

Where to Find STLs

Dragonlock Miniature store via DrivethroughRPG and displayed on

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