Goblin Miniature Print Data

Is there every such a thing of too many goblins? These goblins remind me of some of the original goblin artistic styles for Dungeons and Dragons. Much like the Fat Dragon Game art style this classic look is a solid consistent characteristic of their brand in my opinion. One highlight is that these goblins do stand shorter than other standard models which I personally love as an aesthetic to match the size of a goblin. With a decent variety between armored, weapon type, hoods, helmets, etc. This goblin collection can hit many of your needs in a go to dungeons and dragons starter goblin set.

Layer Height: 0.08
Majority of time used 6mm brim with no supports (Poor Goblin 3 with Axe).
Printed On Prusa i3 MK3s
Print Profile: Cura 4.6 “Offical_FDG_Cura_ender3_and5miniatures_4mm” from The FatDragonGames website

File NamePrint TimeEstimated Material UsedMisc Notes
Goblin_01_Spear1hr 12 min2gtip of spear was a bit melty. Added minimum layer height time after this print to be 10 seconds
Goblin_02_Flail1hr 26 min3goverall pretty happy with print could possibly improve print underside (briding?) to investigate further.
Goblin_03_Axe1 hr 24 min3gooops accidently used supports and skirt instead of brim. Not the easiest to clean up with default cura settings.
Goblin_04_Armor Mace1 hr 14 min3gAnother nicely printed model. Great brim! Pre-Support was tough to remove and required cutting. Be careful
Goblin_05_Armor Polearm1hr 9 min3gMelty spear tip, some stringing between horns
Goblin_06_Armor Bow1hr 30 min3gRetraction issues again on bow to body. Support on arm was great to remove. Brim shows seriously low 1st layer issues. Be careful with the bow and filing it… oops
Goblin_7_Spear1hr 26 min3gOops accidental supports again…
Goblin_8_Polearm1hr 13min2gTip of polearm is a little bit melty. Should work on minimum layer print time.
Goblin_9_Dead1 hr 8min3goverall decent print. My largest complaint is that the base is wider than 1″ or 25.4cm making it take up too much space if used on a game board.
Goblin_10_Spear1 hr 13min2gSpear again a bit melty. Retraction issues on ears and will need a bit of sanding. Really like the boots that look to big for him.
Goblin_11 Spear1h 12min2gSome small overhang issues on the left & right elbow. Overall not too bad.

Where to Find STLs

Dragonlock Miniature store via DrivethroughRPG. Vendor images are frome Fat Dragon Game Website.

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