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It is Friday again and that means. The State of the Crazy! This week has been absolutely a whirlwind and definitely one of those where you feel like you have accomplished so much and so little at the same time. Lets go through what all happened this week

View of my hobby space and desk as of the time of writing this article
The honest state of the crazy at the time of writing


Snotlings Assembled!

Bloodbowl snotling models assembled
Completed & assembled snotlings

This has been incredibly therapeutic for me and I have slowly been chipping away on this project when I only have a few minutes or highly likely to get pulled away. I definitely think that having a small project to chip away at slowly is something that will be a requirement for my hobby space. Next up is to scrape mold lines and attach to bases. There are a few snotlings that will be pained in subassemblies since they will go on the pump wagon.

I might have a Goblin Problem

Is there any truth in the statement, “You can never have too many goblins?” Well I appear to have a significant number of goblins at least 67 which I have found in this box. Many of which are duplicates with failed prints or portions as I have printed this set of (22 goblins) in at least 3 different occasions over the 2021 year. I am slowly going to take this collection of goblins and test a few theories and aspects of the hobby.

  • How to use green stuff to sculpt (repairing the failed print pieces)
  • Temporarily gluing to bases for ease of painting
    • Do I prefer to paint without a base?
  • How many ways can I paint green skin?

This is definitely going to be a project I slowly chip away at once the snotlings are completed and moved into painting.


I actually think for once I did not print anything last week of note. So far I am following my hobby focus of painting and website for now and catching up on documentation and projects before printing out new things.

Painting Update

For the first time I have begun to paint a model with an airbrush. I have begun work on my 2022 Benchmark model and it is still in progress. I am going to take my time for this paint job and attempt to do the best I can. I definitely already know I have room for improvement in both technique and placement but we all have to start somewhere.


Last week I published my 2022 Benchmark Model writeup “How to Gauge Growth in Miniature Painting”. This has received quite alot of positive response from people in its relatability to their own hobby. I can’t wait to see peoples benchmark models in the future!

I have also been writing quite a bit on other things and not quite ready to publish but should be coming up! Much of this is to update out of date sections of the site and begin publishing my starting to 3D print section.


Not necessarily a ton to report on but it is still improvement towards finishing projects. What did you work on this week?

As always happy hobby,
Carrie aka crazmadsci

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