Can you believe a month has already gone by in 2022? I surely cannot, the last month has been an absolute blur. Life has been so incredibly busy as my infant son has exploded in new skills and now can crawl around the house. It is time to go back to ultra baby proofing everything… I have also been completely taken over by behind the scenes stuff and assisted in pushing a new calibration tool for the 3d printing community called the Cones of Calibration. I have been working on the development of this tool over the last several months and I’m so excited as well as terrified that it is now public. The goal was to help new hobbyist have an easier time tuning and calibrating their printer to get started in an easier to understand wya.

It also appears that I completely lost track of time and didn’t post anything in the last two weeks. I’m sorry so lets catch up.


Over the last two weeks I have barely painted as I have been consumed by writing and 3D printed related projects. I have realized though that painting helps my mental health the most out of all aspects of my hobby and that I need to put a stronger emphasis on it.

I unfortunately have become burnt out on the Frost Giant for my 2022 Benchmark model. It has gotten pretty far and while I really want to add more detail, highlights, and fix mistakes I think I’m going to spend only one more evening on it and call it completed. I definitely think part of my 2022 goals for painting improvement should be stamina.

I also participated in my first ever paint night at a game store. It was an absolute blast, I made more friends and realized that I am definitely not a speed painter and working with surprise quality and colors does not suit well for me. Let me introduce you to my jack-o-boneclaw. I accidently turned all of his skin bright yellow using a wash that was too strong for my liking. This is only about an hour and a half of real painting and know I can do better but just need to find the time to go back and improve it. This is actually a paint night kit which I think is a great idea. I am currently working on a review of the kit and more of my experience.

3D Printing

While I have not necessarily printing much of substance in terrain, models or buildings I have been working on a crazy amount of testing for 3D printing. Mostly I’ve been focused on expanding my knowledge and comparing exposure time tests for resin printing. There are so many different tools you can use for 3D printing but knowing the when and how to use them is always in question. I’ve been working on a series of guides on how to read and use each one. However this is posing to be a massive undertaking and taking longer than anticpated.

Tableflip Foundry the 3d printing presupporting company that I work with released a new tool to help new users test their exposure times as a parameter to tune their printer before printing models for their tabletop gaming.

Cones of Calibration

This test which i’ll be discussing more at a future time is something that I started working on in September and am so excited to share with the community. Check out the YouTube video if you wish to learn more.

New Beginnings

Not that I need more projects I have always dreamt of making my own games workshop army for Age of Sigmar. I have never played a game nor do I have any local friends to play with. The price point has always been a deterrent and fear of “ruining” the model with my paint skills. Well that officially changed last week! My friendly local game store had a mega sale for the Greywater Fastness start collecting box and a second Bloodbowl team the Imperial Nobility. I now officially have two teams to try and play bloodbowl! I am super excited and am in love with the Cities of Sigmar faction of which my greywater dwarves fit into. This is perhaps going to be a year where I definitely stretch my wings into new and different games.


I think I am definitely going to have to come up with a rotation of themed posts around the different aspects of the hobby I work on. Sorry for getting distracted.

As always happy hobby,
Carrie aka crazmadsci

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