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Happy Friday! Another week is coming to a close and it is again the time to reflect on our victories from the previous week and update on the going ons of the hobby desk. This has been a week where I do not feel like much gets completed but know that i’m still working hard. This is where I am finding satisfaction in writing these weekly updates. Reminds me just how much I actually do in a week rather than just focus on what I want to complete in a week.

Highlight of the week for the site is an updated Work in Progress Page! I am going to do my best to keep it updated and you can always find my most recent State of the Crazy at the top!



In the last week I have not been able to spend a lot of time on this project but it is slowly but surely coming together. I still have mold lines to scrape and bases to glue but hopefully priming in the next week.

I might have a Goblin Problem

Slowly but surely I have been poking at this challenge and sorting the models between needing repair and good enough for primer. I do not think i’m going to dive into this project immediately and am happy slowly sorting the pile.


As a method of tackling my hobby storage problems I have decided to increase the amount of miniatures in my collection and their magnetization. Since most of my bases are solid I am having to use a pin vice to slowly drill out holes. The work is slow but i’m slowly getting there. I am already running out of magnets so might have to fix that.

Metal letter tray with cork lining to hold magnetized miniatures.
Ikea Kvissle letter tray holding magnetized miniatures


Printing is still a bit slow but have been supporting a miniature for a dear friend along with printing a collection of calibration parts for a getting stated in resin printing page series. This is definitely taking longer than anticipated but i’m making sure i’m doing it right.

UV tools calibration test print
UV tools calibration test print

Painting Update

Last week I continued to spend a little bit of time painting my 2022 Benchmark model. I realize that a giant model might not be the best figure to paint twice in a year span but it was big enough to try to get some real airbrushing in. I really focused on hair and fur and this week focus on the leather and hopefully base. I don’t always get a lot of downtime for painting and juggle so much so the process is slower than i’d like.

Frost giant work in progress paint job
2022 Benchmark model Work in Progress

Hobby Maintanence

This week I spent some time to clean up my space, looking at my photo from last week I definitely needed it. As an area of focus I finally transferred some of my P3 paint into dropper bottles. Unfortunately some of the paint was dried out even as new paint bottle. I bought these a while ago from a game store knowing that P3 paint was slowly dying out and is one of my favorite brands. I also deep cleaned the airbrush using an isopropyl alcohol bath, it definitely needed it.


I appreciate all the words of encouragement after sharing “The Shattering Reality of my Miniature Collection.” It has meant a lot and made me feel better about the whole situation and given me a lot to think about. I have started a more robust spreadsheet documentation method for my collection with URLs linking to all the various write ups I have here on the website. I am also flirting with the idea to plot my hobby collection to more visually see it shifting from printed to completion. If you know anyone who has a graph of their pile of shame, opportunity or potential i’d love links for inspiration.

I have also been writing a lot for resin printing guides but due to the method of my creation of material it appears I’m going to be dropping a lot of this material at one time.


Not necessarily a ton to report on but it is still improvement towards finishing projects. What did you work on this week?

As always happy hobby,
Carrie aka crazmadsci

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