Owlbears Dragonlock Miniatures

I will not lie that these models are some of my favorite. The feather detail on these models are absolutely fantastic. My least favorite piece would be the chest of the owlbear and the fur texture but the feathers on the wings are stunning and some of the best detail i've seen on my FDM printer. I am of course biased because owlbears are my absolute favorite monsters in all of D&D. I believe them to be misunderstood and the legends of their creation as an "accident" of magical experimentation. If there is ever a situation to put an owlbear on my table I jump on it. So excited. Also these are some of the cutest and to scale baby owlbears i've seen to date! A big lore piece of owlbears is the parent protecting their den and this would be perfect to put my players in a moral dilemma if encountering these young-ins.