Another week has gone by and so much has happened! This week was so nice because every once in awhile you begin to see visible progress and this week was that week! Every aspect of my hobby I am moving forward!


I actually finally finished him! The Frost Giant from the Adventures Guild release by CastnPlay and set as my 2022 Benchmark Model is finally completed! Well minus the write up consisting of my mental state and aspects I wish to grow in the year but we are working on that….. Let me know what you think! Overall this week I mainly just varnished it and added a snow effect but I think the snow really brought him together.

I also finally started to put some paint on my snotling BloodBowl team! I primed and added a green basecoat to the models. It has been slow doing the base coats due to how many there are. I am starting to consider painting smaller batches. Time will tell.

3D Printing

The majority of my printing time this week has been dedicated to presupport work. However I have also decided to begin 3D printing the Terrain Essentials crowdfunded by CastnPlay which has scatter terrain for over 13 different biomes. I am excited to begin adding more than just buildings to my tabletop and increase the diversity. I have decided to start with of course frost related terrain to grow for my Frostgrave collection. This week I’ve been working on printing the core collection but with a twist. I am documenting my entire thought process in determining which type of 3D printer I should use and why. Many people talk about the two main forms of 3D printing Filament (FDM) and resin printing but not many discuss the real pros and cons of each type of technology. This I hope will lead to a bigger discussion of perhaps which type of printing is best for you and knowing the limitations and strengths of your choice. I should finish printing these core models in the next week and perhaps start into others.

Website Updates & Changes

Last week I also did a few big things for the website the first and biggest is that I’m jumping in and just releasing content as I create it for the 3D printing guides and tutorials. In order to release the volume of content at the quality of content I intend to it will take some time but making a 3D printing landing page will help you navigate faster to this content. If you wish to learn more check out “The Void of Knowledge in the 3D printing Tabletop Space“.

In the future if I write content that may not merit its own post but is rather a reference document or guide I will post in my weekly state of the crazy as to its existence. When I have content that I will create that is more of a discussion or teaching moment they will be posts which i’m commonly doing on Mondays in rotation with painting write ups as painting is an aspect I wish to see more personal growth in and document that journey as well.

Last but not least I have created a summary page to track the work that I accomplish each month in my hobby, mostly to see what I have been up to for future self to relive and enjoy. If you are interested in the summary of my January 2022 hobby: Read Here.

January 2022 daily hobby activity visualized in color
January 2022 daily hobby activity


While I think 2022 has been slow to start for me, the last week has really made me feel like we are gaining moment and I can’t wait to see what is in store for the future! How was your week and hobby? Are you looking forward to seeing something in particular for the new 3D printing section? Don’t hesitate to comment down below.

Carrie aka crazmadsci

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