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The Void of Knowledge in the 3D Printing Tabletop Space

I have made it my mission to be apart of the movement to close this gap in our knowledge, experiment & document often in order to search for answers to things that have not been tested yet, and assist those who wish to truly utilize all the things 3D printing has to offer for the tabletop gaming community. Join me as I embark on my mission to fill in the gaps of our knowledge.

2021 Benchmark Model Showcase Featured Image

How To Gauge Growth in Miniature Painting

Last January 2021 I set out to test to see if I could see personal growth in my hobby. I painted a benchmark miniature figure so that I may judge my improvement over the course of one calendar year. This benchmark was at that time the very best I could do in painting a miniature. I set no time limit and poured myself into it. The primary goal was to test if I could see a before and after of how far I developed as a miniature painter.